Make plans to attend the Annual Coin Club show at Gates Memorial Hall in Nevada, Iowa on Saturday February 25th and Sunday February 26th!


We hope to see you there!


Minutes from our January Meeting:


Called to order at 7pm by President Kraft with 12-15 members in attendance.

Door Prize: Silver Eagle won by Ethan M.

No new members attended.

Show & Tell: Nobody had coins so Roger N. presented some interesting info from a book he was reading about Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was a prime mover in the establishment of the first U S mint and the coining of money from silver and gold. Interestingly, the mint was under the control of the State Dept and Thomas Jefferson who was Sec of State at the time.

Coin A Rama

Passed around a sign up sheet to work the greeting table at CAR. Volunteers will get a free ticket for the upcoming gold coin auction for each hour they volunteer.

Tom Wnuk will set out signs. Pick up too.

We will have complimentary morning coffee and donuts for dealers on both days.

Library committee; Cerissa Fultz reported that our list of books to purchase and donate has been given to the Ames library. They will purchase them and bill us.

ANA Summer Seminar scholarships. The club will award two $500 scholarships in the name of Scott Nichols to members who wish to attend the ANA summer sessions. Those awarded scholarships will be required to give a report at a future club meeting.

Scott Nichols comemmorative medals. Paul H. made a motion to proceed with striking a quantity of silver medals honoring Scotts devotion to the club and numismatics. Seconded by Bob K. Motion carried. We will use them for the hourly drawings at Coin A Rama and have some available for purchase.

Club dinner/social, March meeting. In lieu of a formal club dinner as in the past, we will probably have a meeting dine-in catered by maybe Hickory Park.

Kirk Nichols gave a brief report about his attendance at the FUN show.

The group had a brief discussion about strategies and bourse etiquette at coin shows.

If you have not paid for a table at the show, do not do business on the bourse except with the dealers who have paid to be there.

It is generally poor form to tie up a dealers cases and his time for extended periods and then not buy. Or cover up his cases with your jacket, papers, etc. so others ca not see.


If you have a program idea or would like to give a program yourself, please contact a member of the board, or Doug Price



Dues collected at all meetings - $5 Adults / $2 Youth (July 1 - June 30)



**Those wishing to arrive at 6:30pm, including Young Numismatists, will have extra time to talk about and enjoy our great hobby!

 Upcoming Meetings and Activities:



Make plans for the next Coin-A-Rama February 25 & 26, 2017!



ANA Summer Seminars

CLICK HERE to learn more about the ANA Summer Seminars where you will able to download the course catalogue and application forms. Young Numismatists can apply for a scholarship!


About our Club

The Ames Coin Club is one of the liveliest numismatic organizations in the state. We host the annual Nevada, Iowa, coin show, one of the largest in the region, every February. Kirk Nichols, owner of Chester's Coins and Gifts, is our adviser. The club meets the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Heartland Senior Citizen Center, 205 Walnut.


Annual Dues - $5 Adults / $2 Youth (July 1st - June 30)


For more information about the club, or to join, contact Kirk Nichols at 515-232-9222 or 515-291-8352. Club Officers: President Dillon Kraft, Vice President Doug Price, Secretary Tom Wnuk, Treasurer Jim Gunning.